How It Works

1. Choose a song

Enter a Youtube URL or upload a song and we'll use the lyrics and audio to influence the visuals.

2. Enter a prompt

Describe what you would like to see, e.g. a story line, subject, scene, etc.

3. Choose an art style

Choose from one of our high-quality art style templates, or create your own.

4. Choose a camera effect

Choose from one of our high-quality camera effect templates.

5. Choose an initial image

Upload an initial image to be the first frame of the video, which will influence the visuals.

6. Sit back and relax

Watch your animations render while you grab a coffee. We'll notify you when it's done. It's that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magic Hour free to use?

We offer 100 frames for free so you can get to know Magic Hour and create your first clip. To create additional content beyond the 100 frames, you have to subscribe to our Creator or Pro plans.

What is a frame?

One frame is equivalent to one image in the video.

How many frames do I need?

Take the length of your audio in seconds and multiply it by the FPS (frames per second) you want. A good starting point is 12 FPS.

Do my frames roll over each month?

Yes, your frames will roll over each month.

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