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Our Mission

At Magic Hour, our mission is to empower individuals and businesses with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence in video generation. We believe that creativity knows no bounds, and everyone deserves the opportunity to bring their unique ideas to life. We strive to lower the barriers to video content creation, making it accessible, affordable, and inspiring for all.


Our Story

We met in 1997 in China when our moms, who were college roommates and are best friends, introduced us. Our families both immigrated to the US and ended up in Pennsylvania, where we spent time together growing up.

A few years after college, David became a Software Engineer and Runbo became a Data Scientist. In 2023, Runbo, aka "Runs," asked David to help him productize his AI video prototypes, and soon, Magic Hour was born.

Magic Hour is born out of our experiences helping our parents market their small businesses, where we learned how difficult it is to create engaging video content, and our experiences in tech building apps for millions of creators, consumers, and gamers.


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