Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Is Magic Hour free to use?

We offer 400 frames for free so you can get to know Magic Hour and create your first clip. To create additional content beyond the 400 frames, subscribe to our Creator or Pro plans or purchase a frame pack.

What is a frame?

A frame is how we measure usage. One frame is one image in the video. Depending on the type and amount of video you generate, it can cost between 12 - 30 frames per second of video.

How many frames do I need?

As a rule of thumb, take the seconds of video you want and multiply it by its FPS (frames per second). A good starting point is 12 FPS for Animations, 24 FPS for Text-to-Video, and 30 FPS for Video-to-Video and Face Swap.

Do my frames roll over each month?

Yes, your frames roll over each month and you will always have access to them. Note that your access to features however is determined by your subscription tier.

Can I use my videos for commercial purposes?

Yes, the videos you create are yours, and you hold full commercial rights over them. Remember to respect copyright and intellectual property laws when using videos created with Magic Hour.

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