How to Swap Faces in a Video: A Simple Guide

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Have you ever seen those videos on social media where a celebrity’s face is on someone else’s body? Maybe you’ve seen this viral deepfake of Tom Cruise:

These videos are uncanny and realistic, yet they’re all generated by AI. That's the magic of face swapping, a trend that's been gaining traction in recent years as AI technology blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Today, anyone can swap faces with friends, family, or even strangers, straight from any device. In this guide, we’ll dive into the world of face swapping, showing you how to perform a face swap in a video using just your iPhone, Android, or laptop.

What is a face swap?

Face swapping involves putting one person's face onto another’s in a photo or video. This magic is powered by AI, which converts faces into data known as “face embeddings”. These embeddings capture unique facial features, which are then swapped between images, creating your new swapped photo or video.

How to do a face swap online in just 3 minutes

Ready to get started? Here’s a quick guide to making an unforgettable video today:

  1. Visit Magic Hour

    Open your preferred web browser and go to Magic Hour’s sign in page. Create a free account, and you’ll get 400 free frames to use. Go to Dashboard to redeem 100 additional free frames, which reset every day.

Screenshot of the Magic hour dashboard

  1. Choose Your Video

    The next step is to choose your base video. Go to the Face Swap tool and upload a video or enter a Youtube URL if you’d like to use a Youtube video. You an also trim the video to your desired scene on this page.

Screenshot of Selecting Video

  1. Choose Your Face

    After uploading a video, select “Next Step.” Then, upload an image of the face that you would like to swap into the video. Make sure there’s only one person in the image and there’s nothing obstructing the face.

Screenshot of Selecting Face Image

  1. Perform the Swap

    Once you've selected the face, hit the “Render Video” button and wait for Magic Hour to transform your video. We provide an ETA, and you can create additional videos while you wait. You will receive a notification when your render completes.

  2. Download and Share

    Don’t forget to save your new creation by downloading it directly from Magic Hour. Share your face swap on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or X, or share it with friends and family through texts.

Screenshot of Downloading Video

Top tips for fun with face-swapping

Face-swapping isn't just for laughs; it's a creative tool to explore various scenarios:

  • Try a Template: Try out one of our face swap templates and make a high-quality video with none of the work.
  • Movie Magic: Imagine yourself in your favorite movie by swapping faces with famous characters.
  • Music Videos: Swap faces with your favorite artists during iconic music videos and concerts.
  • Gender Swap: Swap faces with someone of the other gender to see yourself in a different perspective.
  • Fashion Forward: Test new looks by swapping into outfits and haircuts beyond your usual style.


Q1: Which devices can I use Magic Hour on?

Magic Hour is web-based, accessible from any device with internet connectivity—iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop.

Q2: Is Magic Hour safe to use?

Yes, Magic Hour prioritizes user privacy and conforms to strict data protection standards. Your uploads are processed and then deleted, ensuring your information remains secure.

Q3: Are there limits to face-swapping on Magic Hour?

Your creativity is the only limit. Magic Hour offers a vast library of faces and styles, empowering you to transform your photos and videos into engaging content. Remember to respect copyright and privacy when using the platform.

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