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Create AI-generated images for free using text prompts

How to generate images from text:
A beautiful photograph of San Francisco, stock photo..
Type a prompt
Type words into the text field. You can combine multiple words including the art style, background, and more.
Clicking on generate image button
Generate image
Click 'Generate' and watch pictures appear below based on your text! You will receive three images per prompt.
Download the image generated from your prompt
Download or create a video
Download your image or turn it into a video using Magic Hour's image-to-video or animation feature!

Free Online AI Image and Art Generator

Our free AI image generator works right in your browser, no sign up required. Type words and watch multiple AI-generated images appear on your screen in seconds.
Images generated from Magic Hour free AI Image Generator

Easy to use text-to-image tool

Type words and download your AI image once it's generated. It's that simple. The words can anything you want. We refine results for you and generate variations so you can find an image you like.

Create Videos from Your Photos

Magic Hour lets you create videos from images you've generated. Just download your images and use them as inputs into our image-to-video, animation, or text-to-video modes. You can also add music to your videos.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate an image from text?

Type a word or set of words on the text field and click 'Generate'. You will see multiple AI-generated image in seconds! Download your images and share.

What is the best AI image generator?

There are now many amazing AI image generator apps including Midjourney, Leonardo, and Magic Hour. You can also create AI images locally using Stable Diffusion. Magic Hour aims to offer the best free, fast, and simple AI image generator.

How can I get AI generated images for free?

Magic Hour's AI image generator is free to use. No need to sign up or pay a subscription!

Do I own my AI generated images?

The images you generate using Magic Hour's AI picture generator belong to you. However, make sure to abide by copyright laws in your location.

How do I write a good prompt?

Be specific, detailed, and descriptive. We've also written an AI prompting guide that will help you level up your game!

Why use an AI image generator?

An AI image generator saves you time and lets you bring your ideas to life instantly without having to design or sketch out images yourself. It removes creative blocks and lets you get inspired and craft visuals for web content, social media, and designs in a fun, fast, and free way!

More than an AI image generator
Magic Hour is much more than an AI image generator. We offer multiple AI video creation tools that let create videos from your photos and from scratch. You can even edit video content. It's a complete professional video creation tool that lets you create stunning videos in minutes. You don't need any video production experience. Plus, you can make use of our video templates for both business and personal use. Try Magic Hour and experience the power of AI for images and video.
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